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It is the policy of Amley Computer & Electrical Services. to strive for quality in the electrical and maintenance fields. In achieving this goal there are specific objectives which we must be conscious of and pursue as routine management practices in order to ensure the continued reputation and viability of the company.

  1. Customers govern our actions.
  2. Our innovations shape the future.
  3. Business success means we win from profits.
  4. Excellent leadership fosters top results.
  5. Learning is the key to continuous improvement.
Quality Management
  1. Our cooperation has no limits.
  2. Corporate citizenship is our global commitment.
  3. Quality is personal.
  4. Quality is mandatory.
  5. Quality is total.
  6. Maintain and review the quality performance of our operations and activities to enable us to achieve the ISO 9001 quality management system requirements.

Quality Management Evolution

Quality management systems were introduced in the 1980’s and have evolved to what’s now known as Total Quality Management, or TQM. TQM includes not only Amley Computer & Electrical Services. but also our suppliers, partners and customers.ent

What is quality?

In today’s highly competitive marketplace many organizations offer similar products or services. The only differentiating factor in the eyes of the customer is frequently the quality of the total service offered:

  1. How are they greeted on the telephone?
  2. Are invoices sent out on time?
  3. Do employees turn up for meetings prepared & on time?

ISO 9001 Quality Management standard

Amley Computer & Electrical Services cc. will be adopting the ISO 9001 standard as our Quality Management System. The accreditation body in South Africa is the SABS, who would perform regular audits in all of our business components to ensure that we are complying to the requirements stipulated in the Standard.

Our commitment to total quality is based on these principles:

The new standard focuses on Process Management

A typical Amley Computer & Electrical Services. Value Chain shows our Core and Support processes:

  1. Development
  2. Business Acquisition
  3. Dimensioning
  4. Design & Service &
  5. Support Logistics Implementation
  6. Financial Management
  7. Management of Projects
  8. SHEQ Management
  9. Resource Management
  10. Knowledge Management.

Process management means that our business processes must be effective, measured and that they should be continually improved. The ISO 9001 standard encourages a Plan-Do-Review cycle with ongoing improvement:

Internal and external customers

When we speak of a “customer” in the context of TQM, we don’t refer only to our “external” customer, but also include our “internal” customers in all of our departments. Our ability to meet external customer requirements depends on how well we manage our internal processes.

Why Quality Management Systems?

  1. An effective QMS will lead to....
  2. Improved customer satisfaction.
  3. Elimination of errors & waste, by doing things right the first time.
  4. Reduced operating costs.
  5. Knowing that we are striving towards an ISO 9001 Quality Management System gives our customers and partners the assurance that we are committed to providing excellent service.

Most government departments and corporate customers will not do business with companies that do not have a formal Quality Management System in place.

Corporate quality

Amley Computer & Electrical Services. has oriented itself to business excellence models in order to translate TQM into reality.

QMS responsibility

The responsibility for our Quality Management System lies with every manager & employee. Responsibility cannot be delegated to someone else. Everyone must accept their individual responsibility for ensuring that the processes they are responsible for, meet our customer requirements, at minimum cost to the business.

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