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By 2020 we’ll face the challenge of meeting energy needs of a world population numbering around eight billion. This will mean providing solutions on a variety of scales to support every primary energy source and all kinds of geographic and economic environment. Amley Computer & Electrical Services has the expertise to create these solutions while conserving resources and protecting our climate. Only one in five people on our blue planet has access to clean drinking water, and only five percent of the world’s wastewater gets treated. But the requisite technologies and methods are available. It is our aim to avoid pollution altogether or to reduce it to a minimum.

In pursuit of greater sustainability

Economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection are three key factors that contribute to the goal of sustainable development. We are committed to pursuing this goal.

Our Environmental Principles

  • Manage and use land, raw materials and resources responsibly.
  • Be committed to comply with all South African and country specific national, regional and local legislation applicable to Amley Computer & Electrical Services. operations, products and services; and other requirements including Amley Computer & Electrical Services and customer specific issues.
  • Include environmental sustainability considerations in design and development.

Environmental Management

Amley Computer & Electrical Services. South Africa has an environmental protection responsibility to the wider community in Africa. Through the great diversity of our processes, products and services we are committed to sustaining natural resources, essential to life. In this way, we aim to meet the needs of our present and future generations. To us the protection of the environment is an obligation and not a choice.

Ensuring conservation

Amley Computer & Electrical Services is completely committed to protecting the environment. Our environmental Principles and mission statement underscores this commitment and emphasizes the principle of sustainable development. For us, sustainable development in environmental protection means careful use of natural resources, which is why we:

  • Assess possible environmental impacts in the early stages of product and process
  • Adopt the best affordable technology to manage our negative impacts on the environment.
  • Practice the reduction, recovery and recycling of waste materials and the rehabilitation of disturbed land.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among stakeholders including employees, customers, contractors and suppliers.
  • To prevent environmental pollution where possible, or reduce it to a minimum.
  • Maintain transparent relations with our employees, the authorities and community.
  • Promote continual improvement in the environmental management performance.
  • Maintain and review the environmental performance of our operations and activities to the ISO 14001 environmental management system requirements.

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

This International Standard specifies requirements for an environmental management system, to enable organizations to formulate policies and objectives taking into account legislative requirements and information about significant environmental impacts.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system provides a structured process for the achievement of continual improvement, and is a tool that enables an organization to achieve and systematically control the level of environmental performance that it sets itself.

The successful implementation of an environmental management system calls for the commitment of all employees of the organization. Environmental responsibilities therefore should not be seen as confined to the environmental function. This commitment permeates through all levels and begins at the highest levels of management.

Training, awareness and competence

Awareness training at Amley Computer & Electrical Services begins at the induction training for new staff members and is an ongoing process throughout the working life of the employee. It is important for our employees to be aware of their environmental responsibilities, as well as to understand how their actions may affect the environment, both inside Amley Computer & Electrical Services as well as in the wider community. Wherever possible, we should try to influence our business partners to adopt responsible environmental policies.

Things to consider

Take a few minutes to think about your own environmental conduct and to talk to colleagues about possible measures. Maybe you will find new initiatives for the environment- according to our motto “Thinking, talking, and acting together”. Conservation

Everyone has energy reserves!

Those who use less energy save the environment, at home and at work, in the office as much as in manufacturing. In machines and appliances, in lighting, in heating and in water consumption. Energy reserves are everywhere. And we’ll save them!

Things to pay attention to

  • Don’t leave windows; doors and gates open unnecessarily.
  • Adjust heating/air conditioners to suit weather conditions.
  • Use dish, cleaning, and cooling water efficiently.
  • Turn off machines, appliances, and lights when not in use.
  • Turn water and air compressors off at the end of your shift at the latest.
  • Look out for leaks in air compression network and only work with the necessary pressure.

Did you know that..?

  • With the high cost of electricity today, turning lights off is more cost effective than continuous burning.
  • Today’s electrical equipment is more durable, so that on-off cycling is okay.
  • The use of renewable energy sources such as wind, solar & biomass will increase, whereas our dependence on coal & oil will reduce.
  • Energy efficient lighting saves Watts and Rands.

Don’t wait, separate!

Waste separation has to be self-evident at the work place as well. Paper and cardboard, glass and plastic, metal and batteries, electrical scrap, diskettes and much more. Each goes its own way and separated.

Things to pay attention to

·         Throw glass separated by color into the container

·         Put batteries and accumulators in the allocated bin.

·         Put waste only in the allocated places.

·         Label adequately all refuse that is to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Did you know that..?

  • If you recycle 1ton of paper, we save 17 trees?
  • If you recycle 125 aluminum cans, enough energy can be saved to power 1 home for 1 day?
  • If you recycle 1 glass bottle, we save enough electricity to light a 100W bulb for 4hrs?
  • Only clean resources without impurities can be recycled?

I’m all ears!

Our environmental protection officer always has an open ear. For your questions and suggestions, information and initiatives. Criticism is also welcome. Tell him a thing or two!

Things to pay attention to

  • Report conspicuous situations (leaks, contamination of resources) to your environmental officer.
  • Take suggestions from your environmental officer positively.
  • During environmentally relevant projects, obtain the opinion of the environmental officer in time. That saves time, money and resources.

Did you know that..?

Your environmental officer has the following duties: informing employees, pointing out efficiencies, creating the annual report, making statements, carrying out internal controls?


There are no dumb questions, just dumb answers?.

Here with the green suggestion

Effective environmental protection requires the ideas and initiatives of every individual.

You yourself know best where improvements are still possible. Even small suggestions have led to astonishing results. What do you suggest?

Things to pay attention to

  • Check your workplace to see if improvements can be made.
  • Take a look over the fence. Perhaps environmental protection can be improved in other workplaces.
  • Make at least one suggestion for environmental protection per year.

Attention - hot stuff!

Those who deal with materials that could contaminate the ground and water have to stay one hundred per cent alert. The smallest slip can have severe consequences during storage, decanting and transport. Clear heads know that.

Things to pay attention to

  • Use the prescribed containers during the transport of water and all other substances.
  • Call the fire brigade in the case of uncontrolled spillage of flammable or water contaminating fluids.
  • Don’t pour chemicals or wash water with solvents in gutters, drains, or sinks.
  • Eliminate dripping leaks from machines immediately.

Did you know that?

  • Just a schnapps glass of certain solvents makes an entire swimming pool of drinking water undrinkable?
  • Solvents, varnish, paints, resin, chemicals, pesticides, etc., are water-contaminating substances?
  • Unauthorized water and ground contamination is not a trivial offence, but a punishable act?
  • The expenditure for damages is enormous in comparison to their prevention?

Protect the environment. Start in the office!

The environment is everywhere, also in the office. Pens without toxins, environmentally- compatible computers, double-sided copies, recycled paper, for example. A lot can be done if you dedicate yourself.

Things to pay attention to

·         Use solvent-free or refillable markers and pens.

·         Use the other side of printed pages as scrap paper

·         Copy double-sided as often as possible.

·         Use recycled paper.

·         Separate various waste groups in the office as well.

·         Turn off computers during long periods of inactivity.

Did you know that?

  • There are environmentally compatible alternatives to almost all office materials?
  • Ballpoint pen refills can also be exchanged?
  • The retractable pencil is the most environmentally compatible writing instrument?

Protect yourself too!

People are just as sensitive as the environment. Therefore, consistent self-protection is so important. Glasses, gloves and breathing masks protect you from everything that lies and flies in the air. Your health is important to us. To you too?

Things to pay attention to

  • Wear safety goggles.
  • Use protective gloves when necessary.
  • Use other body protection as well (e.g. helmet, dust mask, hearing protection, etc.)
  • Use protective material and care for skin.
  • Pay attention to hygiene (wash hands, change clothes, etc.).

Did you know that..?

  • A breathing mask with screw filter loses its protective ability when it is worn too long?
  • Insurance protection is lost under certain conditions when prescribed safety equipment is not worn?

Off to the carpool party!

If just every second person is a passenger:

·         Half of the cars can stay at home!

·         Half as much exhaust!

·         Half as much noise!

·         Half as much traffic!

·         Half as much consumption of fuel!

In exchange double the number of parking places. So, give your car a break or take someone with you.

Things to pay attention to

·         Inquire about possible passengers.

·         Look out for the notices on the bulletin board.

·         Consider the carpool in planning appointments and meetings.

·         Don’t overvalue the reputed disadvantages of carpooling.

Just let yourself be driven!

Take the luxury of having a chauffeur. It may be possible by bus and rail. Less gas, less traffic, less stress. Read the paper or have a nice conversation instead. Safe and on time at your destination. The environment will thank you.

Things to pay attention to

  • Inquire about attractive offers or cheap options from public transportation.
  • Check whether you would be at your destination quicker and on time with public transportation.
  • If “park & ride” is possible.

Did you know that..?

  • You reach your destination with less stress with public transportation?
  • You don’t have to look for a parking space?
  • Local public transportation is continually becoming more environmentally compatible (natural gas and electric buses)?
  • The more public transportation system is expanded the more it is used?

The names of the Amley Computer & Electrical Services.  SHEQ appointees and your local representatives can be obtained at all Amley Computer & Electrical Services regional offices.

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